Prototype Ceremonial Staff or Wand

of the Chief Usher of

the Imperial Society of

Knights Bachelor  

  1. -Final Work in Progress

    Production of an advanced prototype

of this staff was accelerated to be

ready for use in the presence of

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth

at a special service for the

Imperial Society of Knights Bachelor

at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London,

in November 2008.

                                            The staff’s tapering

                                            diameter and deep

                                            flutings lighten its feel

                                            so that more use of

                                            positive space can be

                                            attempted without

                                            rejecting traditional

                                            British preference for

                                            gracile ceremonial



                                                In particular, English

                                                architectural decoration

                                                (perhaps especially of

                                                Pugin and Morris); English

                                                ceremonial silver gilt and

                                                other fine metal work

                                                (wands; maces; staffs

                                                carried by Sergeant Majors

                                                of military music);

                                                cushion motifs from

                                                renaissance and nineteenth

                                                century marble carving;

                                                and the ceremonial treasures

                                                of the royal courts of London,

                                                Vienna, Turin and (especially)

                                                Dresden were studied and their

                                                features used in mental


                                                The prototype afforded

                                            opportunity to test the effect of

                                            shape and colour scheme from

                                            proximal and distal vantage, and in

                                            its intended context. Furthermore

                                            the prototype enabled the colour

                                            and theatre of the piece to be

                                            optimised for the large scale character                                            of the major service at St. Paul’s in November 2008, whilst still allowing the persona of the final work to be more precisely balanced against the Imperial Society’s smaller annual service in their own chapel in the crypt.


    The Final Work is being cast in bronze, mercury gilded (matte with some burnished areas), enamelled details, set with artificial and semi-precious stones. Staff transposed from the prototype into hand carved ebony by Lilly Fee Studios, and waxed midnight brown. In situ experimentation will decide whether to confirm use of the military lace.


    Cast Brass and Electroformed copper elements, electrolysis gilded and silvered; Staff: Photopolymer Phase printed’, hand finished and Epoxy painted in ISKB livery Vermillion; Gimp lace by Hand and Lock of London; artificial and semi-precious stones by (data due 09/09).

   Design, sculpting, project management and finish by Rupert Pearson.

   Electroforming, gilding, extensive technical consultancy, by Magister Martin Klobassa of Vienna.

   Casting by (data due 09/09).

   Photopolymer Phase ‘printing’ by (data due 09/09).